We regularly take the parents' feedback on everything that we do in our school.

Parent's Speak

Srihith Baratam PPII

What I like most about the overall experience the school provides to my child are personal attention to individuals, teaching not restricted only to books, regular feedback on the progress and suggesting ways to continue the curriculum back home.

Sridhar Baratam

Shaurya Nursery

Shaurya has exhibited good learning and Morals from School Learning. He always looks forward to go to school and participate in activity . The Main emphasis on Practical learning at School for kids is commendable and I highly appreciate the school for that. good

Gaurav Mathur

G Vimudha Rajee PP I

Vimudha Rajee would like to play the role of the Teacher very often and likes to do her home work also on the black board. She has improved her skills in extracurricular activities like dance.

G Srinivas Rao

Pravallika Nursery

Annual Plans & Weekly Tests, Teaching the subjects, Theme & Value of the month activities, Sports, Dance, Arts & other co-curricular activities, Field Trips, Show Your Skills Activities, Google Hangouts & Special Guests Interacting With Children, Computer Classes have helped my child develop her potential. Good work. Keep it up.


Anshika Pervaram Nursery

Educating the child with the concept of "Theme & Value of the month activities" and "Field Trips" is what I like the most. Appreciate your way of excellence in educating my child.

Varsha Pervaram

M. Rithvika Rao Nursery

I like the individual attention child gets and the teaching methodology adapted in the school.

Arun Kumar

Anurag Bommanaveni PPI

I liked the theme based monthly activities and the field trips. I personally liked the location of the school i.e., away from the rush and heavy crowd of the main roads.

Chandra Sekhar Bommanaveni

Taruni Class 1

Personal care and making the students speak in English most of the times in School is what I like.


Shalini PP I

I like 1. Discipline, 2. Encouraging the child to speak in English.

Muni Sankar Naidu

Y. Marvika Reddy Class 1

It's good. Speaking in English language is one of the best thing from your school. Conducting field trips is also appreciable thing , so that children will get real knowledge by seeing them with their eyes practically. Celebrating festivals is also one thing so that they will know why we are celebrating so and so festival and its importance.

Vijaya Lakshmi.Y

Varun Ankith Reddy Playgroup

The way of teaching is good and easy to learn. He learned rhymes and slokas. My child learnt a lot about the festivals.He has become more active. He has learnt lots from your field trips.


Sushree Abhipsa Sahoo PP I

We like the following things provided by the school: a. Weekly tests, b. Email Alert, c. Monthly Activities etc.

Bijay ketan Sahu, Sanjukta Sahoo

shanmukhi sadhika.k Nursery

The school follows good academics and good extra curricular activities. The school teachers academics,background and qualification are good. They are providing good nurture and individual caring for kids. They are providing a safe and orderly environment.

They encourage staff and parents to monitor kids performance and other factors, such as the school environment. They follow frequent monitoring of student progress.


M.Sri Hansika PP I

Teaching is good and Attention on every student is also nice.


N.Rajit Venkatesh PPI

The points which i liked are 1. individual care of each child, 2. noticing weak point and strong pt of each and every child, 3. maintaining clean and hygenic environment and 4. implementing new ideas in teaching and in designing of school.

nnswamin.rajit venkatesh

A.Sai Darshan Nursery

Taking children to field trips is really very good and excellent and very helpful to the children.Celebration of every festival and giving gifts increase the interest in our culture.The way of teaching is excellent.

A.Suresh Babu

Geethan Nursery

I like 1.personal visit @home, 2.interact with parents & student, 3.student get practical knowledge due to field trips and 4.pre planed schedules.

Veera Reddy

Aditya Nursery

The individual attention that our son gets makes us comfortable and confident and he is learning the right things.

My Son loves coming to school every day and is very excited every morning to start to school.

His overall communication in English, Learning capabilities and interest in drawing has also improved.

Field Trips and Show your skills activities help him to understand the values and concepts better.

We also like the Festivals that are celebrated at school so kids understand its importance and know their culture.

Giving handmade Mud Ganesh was a very nice initiative.

Also we appreciate that my child is learning and is in close vicinity to Nature. Small incidents like a Horse being fed food, a caterpillar being fed with leaves..help kids learn to love animals and respect Nature. These are not the practices followed in other school.

Thanks for arranging the Parents Sports Event on 26th Jan. we had fun.

HariKishan & Chitra Vasamsetty

Tanush Playgroup

I feel a good experience with Fountain Head Gobal School and the way you conducting the events like grand parents day ,republic day etc . The event management by you is excellent .

My child is very happy when he goes to school and remebering me all the rhymes which you told in school .

Bhanu KiranTa

Vivek PP I

Great work with Vivek since he is considerably younger in the class. The teaching of subjects, field trips and computer classes has helped him develop his potential.

Rohini K

Yukta PP I

I like the most is the activities held in the school and the field trips as the kids enjoy it a lot and would remember it for a long time.

Swetha Praveen

Varsha Nursery

I see my child has become very confident. the overall experience is good.

Swetha Praveen

Shaurya Mathur Nursery

Fun Learning and friendly environment .Emphasis on practical learning via different mediums of field trip, value of the months etc..

Anshika Pervaram Nursery

My child growing day by day with new learing and exposure through look n feel learning is what is making her more perfect.

Varsha Pervaram

Ritika and Ritvik Neemkar Playgroup

More Practical way of teaching is very good and also less homework .

Shailender Neemkar

Jeff De Wachter Playgroup

Concept -based teaching plus theme - month activities (e.g. sports activities, spelling bee contest, festival activities, shopping&market, going to the botanical gardens,...) Generally speaking, stepping out of the boundaries of a classroom and let the children explore the world around them in a creative way, no matter how small they are.

I appreciated how my child has not been pressurized and how he has learnt so many things this year in a playful manner. At his young age my focus is mainly on the socialization of my child (learning to play with other children, role play, sharing toys, eating together, listening to teachers, understanding authority, trying to teach him that he's not alone on this planet and has to be considerate towards others) and I do see progress in these domains thanks to the hard work of the teachers

Sometimes I find it hard to communicate with certain staff members due to a lack of English-speaking skills from their side - my lack of Telugu speaking skills on my side. But I've always been informed by Meghana when something happened with Jeff at school which I really appreciate.

I'd like to use this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful annual event we've enjoyed. No doubt this has been a lot of hard work for the school staff and we really appreciate all the efforts you've made to make this a special event.

Ruth Versluys

Jovitha PP I

Individual Attention to kids - that is the most important aspect of Fountainhead


G Harshavardhan PP II

Harshavardhan has become more confident, mannered, less shy when he meets strangers and is aware of his environment. His communication skills have improved tremendously and has become more responsible with his studies. He always says "I like being in school" which is definitely a positive attitude about school.

Harshavardhan has also learnt a lot about the festivals and occasions. Just got surprised to know that he learned new things every time not only in books but also all around him. His IQ has also increased.

I feel very happy that foundation for his all round development has been laid by the School.

I appreciate the dedication of the teachers to make the students understand the concepts by providing intellectually challenging learning environment. The innovative teaching strategies like Google Hangouts, preparing and collecting different videos corresponding to each subject were very helpful.

Frequent exchange of information between class teacher and parents and sessions conducted for parents in PTM's helped us to identify our child improvement areas and to address child's concerns in a positively constructive manner.

V Bhavani

Anshika.P Playgroup

First look at the school is awesome. Beautiful and clean atmosphere. we are very happy to find such a good school for my kid.

Sri Harsha .P

V. Abhiram Playgroup

The activities designed for the kids are good. The teachers are co-operative, the overall experience with the school is good.

V. Chaitanya

Aaron Playgroup

Very innovative methodology of teaching. good communication system. Parents-teachers.


Venkata Sai Aditya PP I

Enthusiasm and interest with which the teachers or management teach the students.

Ramakrishna Chundru

N. Bhaskar Nursery

Overall experience is good, because my child improved his communication skills and he is mingling with his friends.

M. Anuradha

K. Paritosh PP II

Found improved self confidence. Became expressive. School was excellent in developing the above skills and overall growth of the kid.

K. Manoj Kumar

Gaurav Mathur