The nursery children have a lot of energy and their life is action-packed. We engage them in a variety of activities that help them to explore and learn. They enjoy listening and browsing through story books, especially the pop-up ones. Simple teaching aids are created with things they find around them and they are set on a path of learning by doing. Flash cards and real objects are used to introduce them to words and concepts and this is followed up with exploring the environment searching, identifying and talking about their findings.

Every month has a theme and value which are taught through participatory activities. Every week one sound of the phonics is taught and the whole week is spent on stories, rhymes and other activities related to words that begin with the sound.Children watch videos in the computer lab and the Multimedia Viewing Centre. The celebration of the month connects the classroom work with joyful learning and the field trip of the month extends the learning experience beyond the four walls of the classroom.

Play With Colours & Shapes

Explore & Learn

Participatory Learning

Exciting Explorations

Demonstrate Comprehension

Authentic Experience