Meedhikunta Lake Revival

When children learn problem identification and find solutions to those, the outcome is awesome!

All we have to do is encourage them and support them in every aspect.

Our children have taken up the herculean task of reviving a lake!



We need all your support to make this effort successful. We know you will be proud to be part of the children's project and be a great inspiration for the future generation. Contribute to this great project

You may Conveniently pay/Donate for the Lake Revival via any UPI App using this link :

What the students have done

Step 1 : Took the required permissions from the government

Step 2 : Raising funds by setting up shops, raising awareness, and conducting activities to engage the community - this was done by each and every student independently

Step 3 : Starting the cleaning process for the lake - we had a clean up drive

Step 4 : Created a round table with fellow students and the community to discuss sustainable development

The Journey So Far

Lake Revival _Gallery

Collaborations and Recognition

We have collaborated with - GHMC, Swacch Bharat, Save Water and Nature

Our work has been recognized by - United Nations, International Confederation of NGOS, and Rex

The project has been nominated for the “Karmaveer Chakra Award”