Small Classes

Small Classes, 1:8 Student Teacher Ratio

Modern Facilities & Multimedia Learning

Our classes are so built that we cannot have more than 20 children in any class. We want to keep our class size small so that we can pay individual attention to each and every child in the class.

We want our classes to stay within the limits of 18 to 20 children. We will not have more than 20 children in any class.

Our student-teacher ratio is 1:8. Teachers and teacher helpers work in close coordination to provide individual help to each and every child.

Children are also divided into groups of 6 for very special training. While 6 children work with a teacher in the computer lab, 6 attend their dance class and 6 go to the sports teacher. This way each teacher works with a very small group, without any stress and get to know the children, their strengths and the type of help they need to move on to the next stage of development.

We have a multimedia package for the children. Each syllabus topic is taught through classroom activities, exploration in the surrounding, multimedia activities in the computer lab and in the Multimedia Viewing Centre. Children learn the concepts, understand them in depth through a variety of activities some of which happen within the four walls of the classroom, some in the computer lab, some in the Multimedia Viewing Centre, some in the large campus outside the classrooms and some through field trips.