Cook And Taste

If children are involved in the making of food they get motivated to eat what they make. Get the children to help you when you make snacks for them.

Teach them how to mix a couple of things and make a good snack for themselves. You can teach them for example, how to make a fruit salad, sandwich, mixture of a few things they love to eat.

They can take multi-grain biscuits and decorate them with things that are colourful and tasty.

On the 'Show Your Skills' this month we will be checking them on what they can make on their own.

Think of innovative ideas and plan for this day with your children. Throughout this month involve the children in whatever way you can when you cook for them. Let them talk about how they helped you in the assembly and in their classroom.

This will get them to think about food as something with which they can have fun. It is not something moms thrust down their throats and they have to eat it whether they like it or not.

Get the help of your children to make rava laddus or gulab jamun. You can prepare the batter for it and take the children's help in making the balls. For rotis, prepare the dough and get the children to roll out the rotis.

Get your children to help you in the kitchen and we want to listen to them in the school and get to know what fun they had at home.

Here is a great site with vegetable stories, games and video sent by Dr. Manasa Musunuri from the USA.

Dr. Manasa Musunuri had a Google Hangout with the children, told them a nice story and motivated them to eat healthy food.