About Us

Our Concept Of Education

We believe that a strong foundation in education provides students with the groundwork necessary for achievement in their future endeavors. Students at Fountainhead grow to demonstrate flexibility, initiative, social and cross-cultural skills, productivity, accountability, leadership and responsibility. Small classes, close student-teacher relationship, parental involvement, a board-based curriculum, a variety of curriculum enhancement and extracurricular activities, talented faculty and administration all combine to make Fountainhead a unique and exciting school community.

Fountainhead Global School is proud to provide a unique educational setting designed to challenge students while nurturing them and allowing each student to be an important part of the school. Fountainhead Global School’s intimate environment coupled with an incredible range of resources and programs helps to define the school and to maintain its reputation as a leader in education. Fountainhead Global School is what education should be!

We also provide service to the society by conducting awareness programmes such as Go Green, save water & nature, parent’s workshop e.t.c.


Fountainhead Global School is known throughout the community for its pollution free environment and tradition of educational excellence and its efforts to guide each child to reach his or her full potential. While Fountainhead Global School has established a reputation for excellence in academia and serves as a leader in education and in the community, Fountainhead Global School may be even better known for the learning environment it creates for the students. Fountainhead Global School serves as an example of what education should be. It is about the people. It is about relationships. It is about making sure each student can feel and does feel special. Fountainhead Global School provides an intimate and comfortable setting in which the students are both challenged and supported.

Mission Statement

At Fountainhead Global School, our mission is to provide an optimal, safe learning environment that encourages students to become independent, responsible, life-long learners. Through our comprehensive range of programs, we cultivate our students' interests and support their needs while challenging their intellect. Our curriculum builds proficiency in higher order thinking skills, a variety of content areas, literacy, technology, and computational and theoretical processes, while nurturing artistic, physical, and interpersonal development. Fountainhead Global School's diverse student body fosters a broad understanding of the world in which we live and aids in the development of cooperative skills. Fountainhead Global School maintains a collaborative and cohesive partnership among the home, school, and community that promotes high standards of values, integrity, and service which prepare students to be productive members of society. All this is provided at a very reasonable fee.

Resource Centre

A resource centre with videos and useful websites are created for each theme of the month, each value, each class and each subject, This resource centre is constantly updated with new materials. Parents are trained to use the resource centre and the online portal to understand the strengths of their children. They are helped to identify the areas where their children need help and work with them using the materials available at the resource centre to help the children develop on a regular basis. Every child in the class is helped to come up to the required level and work towards accomplishing optimal performance. Gifted children are helped to go beyond the curriculum and progress at their own speed. Daily reports are sent to the parents and the resource centre is constantly updated keeping in mind the requirements of the children.

Project Green

The school has a beautiful garden. Children are exposed to flowers, fruits and vegetables. Mr Sridhar Vunnam, director of Project Green, takes special care in ensuring the environment is healthy and green. Children are exposed to the natural, pollution free environment and are taught how to take care of plants, animals and the environment.

Our Vision

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