Founder & Chairperson

Ms. Meghana Musunuri is the Founder and Chairperson of the school. She is also the chairperson of SWAN, a non-profit organization to save water and nature. She is the Hyderabad Champion for WEOW by Google. She is the first person to be part of Google's Women Entrepreneurs On The Web and complete all the five circles of the programme. She is a pioneer in using Google Hangout and inviting people from the world over to interact with the children of this age. She has a futuristic vision supported by a strong passion that makes her go beyond her role and interact with the children, teachers and parents on an every day basis. She knows each and every child of the school, their background and their strengths and potentials yet to be developed. Ms. Meghana Musunuri has been awarded “Acharya Devo Bhava 2014”.

Meghana Musunuri is a female entrepreneur born and brought up in India. She pursued her education and worked in London for a few years. After a very successful career in London, she decided to return to India and make a difference in her native country. Meghana has created My Educational Guru, which integrates the wide knowledge she has gained from the various fields she has worked on.

After teaching in London for more than eight years, Meghana wanted to start a school for children in India to teach the new generation of children and help them develop the skills needed to shape the future and become responsible citizens of the global community.

Meghana Musunuri has organised academic conferences at places such as JNTU, KLU, Gitam and been part of academic discussions at IIIT, Hyd as well as various schools and communities. She conducted many seminars for students on overseas education and has counselled students.

On a philanthropic side she also heads an NGO, SWAN (Save Water and Nature). She is the chairperson of SWAN, a non-profit organization to save water and nature. She conducts events and workshops to teach children and the communities the importance of water and how to save nature. With her initiative the communities near by started to plant more trees and built rain water harvesting pits with in their society. She educated people around, about the consequences of using colored idols and promoted clay idols during festivals like Ganesh Chaturdhi. She conducts summer camps on how to Reduce, Recycle and Reuse things in our day to day life.

Meghana Musunuri has been elected as Hyderabad's City Champion for "Women Entrepreneur on the Web" a Google driven initiative. She is appreciated as the most connected speaker to inspire women at sessions conducted by organizations such as Google & Avtar-iwin. She is the first person to be part of Google's Women Entrepreneurs On The Web and has completed all the five circles of the programme. She is a pioneer in using Google Hangout and inviting people from the world over to interact with the children of this age.

Ms Meghana Musunuri, M.B.A, B.Ed. Dip Psychology from Cambridge, UK. She worked in London for 8yrs with different schools including a school for children with special needs. She has received many appreciation letters for her work with children.

She is responsible to implement new technology for teachers and children. She develops interactive worksheets specially suited to the syllabus and needs of the children. She teaches special classes for children about values and citizenship rules. She sensitizes the children to environmental care. She is the Founder of Eco Club and Consumer Club, which focus on teaching children to care for the environment and not waste resources. She is the Founder of SWAN, Save Water & Nature Society, which involves raising awareness among the society. She takes utmost priority in handling children taking care of their emotional needs. Through a variety of ways she ensures that no child in the school is left out and all children are able to develop their potential to the maximum. She councils the children and keeps in touch with each and every child as well as their parents. She carefully plans each and every celebration to provide a rich experience to the children. The field trips she arranges so meticulously and the ´Show Your Skills' she plans for every month have made the children connect the real world to their school work and develop confidence in performing on stage to demonstrate their skills.

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Our Principal & Academic Coordinators

1. Dr. Ranganayaki Srinivas, M. A, M. Ed, Ph.D [Ed: ELT], is the Principal and the Academic Coordinator of the school. Wi

th over 25 years of experience in the field of education, teacher training and materials development, Ranganayaki Srinivas takes care of every part of the curriculum, right from designing the annual, monthly and weekly plans to working with the children and training the teachers to effectively implement the curriculum. She has designed the curriculum keeping in mind the age, level and interests of the children and takes care to ensure it nourishes the children and strengthens their overall development. Both academic and co curricular activities are given equal importance. She trains the teachers throughout the year as teacher training is an integral part of the teaching-learning programme. She is in charge of the Resource Centre that helps teachers to work with the children in school and parents to work with their children at home. She conducts Parents' Workshops to help them understand the present day children and get them to do what is good for them willingly and happily. Before joining the school, she initiated and coordinated the innovative M. A. ELT and M. Phil. ELT programmes as well as guided Ph. D scholars at H. M. Patel Institute of English Training & Research, Gujarat. She has trained hundreds of teachers and produced textbooks for children for the states of Gujarat and Goa. She has won the Intel award for teaching through technology. She is the Academic Coordinator for Unnati Development of Education for teaching English to tribal children through Satellite Communication. She is working with Educational Initiatives to review testing materials. She has developed a set of Phonics Games to help children learn to read and become independent readers. These games are being used in the school in combination with story books. Our Kindergarten children are able to read simple story books independently through the use of this method. Dr. Ranganayaki Srinivas' Google+ Profile

Guest Faculty

We invite guest faculty from different parts of the world to interact with the children. These interactions take place through Google hangouts and personal visits. Dr. Manasa M interacts with the children frequently, tells them stories and helps them express their own feelings and interests.

Board of Directors

Dr. Malasani Adinarayana, M. Sc, Ph.D [Ag] Rtd, Senior Scientist who has worked on many irrigation projects and is a key member of Krushi Vidaylaya.

Dr. Manasa M , MBBS , MD, Fellowship (U.S.A), psychiatrist specializing in children and adolescents.

Mr Sridhar Vunnam, worked as the Operations Manager in SA Airlines, UK. In charge of Project Green (fruit and vegetable garden)

Mr Suresh Reddy, M.Com, MBA, LLB, Manger F&A and secretarial.

Mrs Sesi Oduru, MCA, Asst Manager Operations, IBM.

Ms. Meghana Musunuri, Founder & Chairperson