PPI or LKG children start with the revision of basic phonics that they are exposed to in the nursery and move on to reading words, phrases and simple sentences. In PPII or UKG children start with the revision of what they have learnt in PPI and then move on to reading more complex words, phrases and sentences. They read story books specially selected for them. The curriculum is so planned that emphasis is given to understanding the concepts and memory and rote learning without understanding is not encouraged.

The CCE pattern of assessment is followed and equal importance is given to curricular and co-curricular activities that are conducted throughout the year. Children participate in sports activities, dance, music and drama related activities, art & craft activities and special activities related to life experiences.

Specially prepared 'Phonics Games', android apps related to language, Maths and Science are used in the teaching programme. The same concepts are presented in a variety of ways through classroom interactive sessions, personal practice in computer labs and with android tablets, group tasks in the Multimedia Viewing Centre and projects that require the use of library resources.