Unique Features

Exposure to the world from our classroom

First school in educating children through inviting professionals from all over the world.

Daily Contact With Parents Online

Parents have the opportunity to contact us online and provide important information about the child's health and specific requirements. They can also contact through email and chat to understand how their children are performing in class.

Online Portal With Daily Reports & Updates

Parents get a daily report of their children's performance through the online portal. This is followed up with email exchanges wherein they get specific tips to help their children optimize the performance.

Webcam CCTV Enabled Classrooms For Security 

We have a CCTV set up to monitor the day care, all the classrooms and the school surroundings. We keep a constant watch on all the children and the staff to ensure the security of your children.

Monitoring Of Classes For Quality Teaching

The CCTV set up also enables us to monitor the classes and ensure quality teaching. The teachers undergo a year-long training with expert guidance. This guidance is practical and is specific to the needs of the teachers and the children on a day-to-day basis.

The yearly syllabus is prepared in advance and as per the needs of the children it is adapted and new features are added based on the feedback received from classroom experience and teacher interaction on weekly meetings. 

Assessing The Strengths Of Children & Optimize Their Performance

We have a system of complete and comprehensive evaluation of each and every child. We identify their strengths and help them optimize their performance. We have a daily assessment plan, weekly tests, term end tests and final evaluation. In addition, children have the opportunity to demonstrate their ability in the monthly 'Show Your Skills' programme. Talented children are given additional training to excel in the areas of their interest.

Enjoyable & Participatory Curriculum Implementation

The curriculum is developed under expert guidance to lay a solid foundation in basic concepts as well as to provide efficient training in related skills. The concepts are presented in the class through demonstrations. Then the children are engaged in participatory, interactive, exploratory sessions wherein they apply the concepts in specific situations. Finally, children's knowledge and skills are assessed through weekly tests and appropriate remedial measures are undertaken for problem areas.

The time table is so worked out that children work on the curriculum contents in the classrooms, in the computer lab, in the Multimedia Viewing Centre and through field trips. In the 'Show Your Skills' component they get a chance to go beyond the curriculum and demonstrate their skills on stage.