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Rubik's Cube

Learn to solve the Rubik's Cube.

Completing the Rubik's Cube is easy because

First layer is easy - no need to worry about messing up other layers

- Second layer is easy - only one algorithm to memorize

- Third layer is easy - only 4 algorithms to memorize

First Layer

1. Take black / white in the middle.

2. Put four yellow around it.

3. Match Down 180 (Take it down 2 times (180)
5. Turn the cube to keep the yellow cross with matching edges on top.

6. Find the three colour corner piece and place it correctly.

7. Down Match Up

Second Layer

1. Match Save Down Back Up SaveAgain Down Match Up

Third Layer

1. Keep the completed side at the bottom.

2. FTR TiRiFi (Repeat till you get a cross at the bottom)

3. L180 Match Back Front L180 Back (i) Front (i) Match L180

4. Left Save Right Match Down Match Down

5. Down Back Up Right

5 simple moves to solve the Rubik's Cube

First Layer

The first layer is easy to do because you do not have to worry about disturbing the other two rows.

Start with a cross on top. Match the middle pieces of the second row.

The easiest way to get a cross is

- Choose one colour in the middle on top - example yellow

- Its opposite side colour is white, so get four white pieces surrounding the yellow piece

- Match the white pieces with the middle pieces in the second layer

- Turn the white pieces 180 degrees (double turn) to get the white to match with the white in the middle

- Your cross is ready with the matching center pieces

Put in the corner pieces and complete the first layer.

Second Layer

To complete the second layer you need to learn only one algorithm. By repeating the same moves you can complete the entire second layer.

First find the piece that will fit in.

Here the green and white edge piece at the bottom should be in the second layer.

Here the blue and yellow piece in the bottom should go up to the second layer - where you see the blue and white now.

First match it with the blue centre as you see in this picture.

Then move it in the opposite direction, to keep it in a safe place, undisturbed, when you make the next move.

Here in this picture it is moved to the left.

Now bring the right side down, bring the blue piece you saved back to its position, lift up the right side.

We have to set right the front side. This you can do by moving the bottom layer to the right, keeping it safe there before bringing the front side down. Now get the saved one back to its position and lift the front side up.

The blue and yellow edge piece is properly fitted in. 

The same algorithm is repeated for all the pieces of the second layer.

Di R D Ri D F Di Fi

1. Match the colour.

2. Keep it safe on to your left or right. (Di)

3. Bring down the right. (R)

4. Match the colour once again. (D)

5. Lift up the right. (Ri)

6. Move the bottom to the right to save the matched piece. (D)

7. Bring down the front. (F)

8. Bring back the one you moved to right. (Di)

9. Lift up the front. (Fi)

D - down moving clockwise, Di - D inverted, D moving anti-clockwise, R - Right, L - Left, F - Front, all small 'i' indicating an inverted movement, that is anti-clockwise movement.

Last Layer

F - Front, R - Right, T - Top, Ri - Right inverted, Ti - Top inverted, Fi - Front inverted, B - Back, D - Down

While doing the last layer you need to take care to keep the other two layers intact.

Make a Cross

F T R Ti Ri Fi - to get a cross at the bottom

Match the Middle Pieces

L180 Ti B Fi L180 Bi F Ti L180 - use this if three of the middle pieces are not aligned. Keep the completed one on your right

R T180 Ri Ti R Ti Ri - use if two middle ones are aligned and two are not aligned - keep one non-aligned piece on your right and another pointing towards you

Move Corner Pieces

Keep the correct corner piece on your right

L T R Ti Li Ti Ri

Flip the Corners Clockwise

Ri  Di R D - 6 times with 3 different pieces - two times with each piece

Rubik Cube One

Rubik Cube Two

Rubik Cube Three

Rubik Cube Four

Rubik Cube Five

Rubik Cube Six

Rubik Cube Seven

Flip Corner Pieces

solve in 15 minutes

Intermediate Method

solving the cube faster

solving the cube faster part 2

Once you master the basic method go on to the intermediate one -

In this video I will teach you how to solve the 3x3x3 cube using a medium difficulty method, solving the corners first, I have a basic and advanced method video also. Advanced Method Basic Method

Step 1) Solve white corners. Ri, Di, R, D
Step 2) Flip yellow corners to face up. Ri, Di, R, D
Step 3) Put the yellow pices in the correct spot R2, U, R2, Ui, R2, Yi, R2, Ui, R2, U, R2
Step 4) Insert 3 of 4 white center edges. (No algorithm)
Step 5) Insert 3 of 4 yellow center edges. (No algorithm)
Step 6) Insert the fourth white and yellow pice together. (No algorithm)
Step 7) Rotate the solved bars to match with the center colors. (No algorithm)
Step 8) Orient pices correctly M, U2, Mi, U2
Step 9) Un-invert the remaining pieces (M, U,)2, M U2, (Mi, U,)2, Mi U2
Step 10) Rotate the sides to finish the cube.

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