PTA Meeting March 31

The final meeting with the parents is on March 31. Teachers have been working very hard to prepare an elaborate report to the parent on every aspect of the child's development.

The actual report card with grades on various curricular and co-curricular activities runs to 6 pages. In addition each teacher has worked out a specific report on every child, which includes what the child is good at, what he/she needs to improve, specific suggestions for that particular child and general suggestions for the whole class.

The teachers will sit with the parents and explain everything to them in detail and help the parents work with their children during the vacation time to prepare them for the next academic year.

Other information shared with the parents include the following:

The school reopens on June 4. 

Construction work is going on and two more floors are being built in the school. The project will be completed during the summer vacation.

Admissions are in progress up to Class VI.

The fee for the next year has to be paid by April 10. 

Only 18 children are accepted for each class and hence if the fee is not paid the seat will be allotted to new admissions.

Parents feedback is taken on the work done during the year and suggestions are collected for the next year.