Nature Exploration

Children were taken to the vegetable garden. They watched and learned how to prepare a patch of land for planting, they planted seeds and also had a look at the bugs in the garden. They touched and felt the harmless ones. Every day they go to the garden to check the growth of the plants.

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Veggetable Garden

Today we had a close look at a real Praying Mantis. We fed it leaves but it did not eat. Later we found what are the things it eats.

Today a horse walked into our campus and the children had a wonderful time watching the horse. The horse was given food and water. Both the horse and the children did not want to leave the place.

Today we had a very close look at a real caterpillar. We fed it with some leaves. We talked about how caterpillars change into butterflies.

Google Docs Video

Google Docs Video

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