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Maths Tricks

Ten Frames

using ten frames

Maths Number Wheel

maths number wheel

learn 7 table the easy way

9's Maths Facts

9's Maths Facts

Strategies for Addition & Subtraction

strategies for additions & subtractions

Table Tricks

multiply with your fingers

finger tables

multiply in 6 seconds

fast tract multiplication

fast maths

number wheel

number patterns 3's & 7's

three, six, nine, timetable

multiply by 11 trick

vedic maths multiply by 11 by addition

learn 12 time table in 30 seconds

learn 13 table through a song

learn tables without memorizing

multiply any number fast

multiply four digit numbers fast

multiply using a box

extraordinary way to solve math problem

amazing method of multiplication


short division

long division the easy way

speed division with two digits

maths tricks for division