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Math Tricks & Puzzles

1. I Can Tell Your Age

Tell your friend I can tell you how old you are. Do the following and tell me the answer: 

Step1: Multiply the first number of the age by 5. (If <10, ex 5, consider it as 05. If it is >100, ex: 102, then take 10 as the first digit, 2 as the second one.)

Step2: Add 3 to the result.

Step3: Double the answer.

Step4: Add the second digit of the number with the result.

Ask the friend to give you the number they get. You complete step 5 and say: your age.

Step5: Subtract 6 from it.

1. Two Equal Parts

You have three cans. One is a 10 litre can, the second one is a 7 litre can and the third one is a 3 litre can. The 10 litre can is filled with oil. Using only these three cans how can you divide the oil into two equal parts of 5 litres?