How To Check Updates

We are sending daily updates on your children's performance. We are also updating the school website with new views and other resources. We are updating the school Google Plus Page with the latest announcements.

Please follow the simple steps given below to get these updates.

1. Please check the children's diaries everyday. Teachers will be sending you information about homework and school activities through the children's diaries.

2. Please check your email. Teachers will be sending you weekly or monthly syllabus as well as information about other activities of the school.

3. Please check Google Doc for daily reports. Teachers have shared with you a Google Doc. That Doc will be updated on a daily basis. in your gmail you can click on Documents to go to that Google Doc.

Please see this picture and learn to go to Google Docs.

4. The school website is being updated on a regular basis. Please bookmark the main site and your child's class site.

Keep checking for syllabus and video updates.

Bookmark these links:

Main Site: - watch the theme of the month videos, check the photo gallery and the announcement page.

Class I Site: - if your child is in class 1 bookmark this site and check the videos in the resources section.

PPII Site: - bookmark this for PPII site.

PPI Site: - bookmark this for PPI site.

Nursery Site: - bookmark this for Nursery.

Playgroup Site: - bookmark this site for Playgroup

How to check updates on Google Plus Page

We have created a Google Plus Page. Along with the updates on the site you can check the updates on Google Plus Page too. You will be able to see your children's photos and the type of learning experiences they are going through.

Goolge Plus Page: - bookmark this for Google + Page

The Google Plus Page will look like this:

On the left hand side you can see a +1 sign.

You can click on that to show that you like this page.
You can see "Add to circles" on the right hand side.

Click on "Add to circles" to get notified of updates.

How to Contact Us

You can contact us by

  1. clicking on reply when you receive a mail from us
  2. sending an email to admin  @
  3. posting a message on Google Plus Page
  4. calling us - phone numbers - 040-3192 1155, 800 800 7792
  5. visiting the school after fixing an appointment

We would like you to attend all Parents Teachers Meetings to understand the resources we are making available for you to help your children excel in their studies and other fields.