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Artistic Challenges

February Artistic Challenge - Flames

Our children are having a great time painting flames and telling stories about them. I will be sharing this on artistic waves once I get all the entries. The process goes like this: First they share their idea of what they are planning to draw, then they share their draft versions to get some suggestions for improvement, then they finish their art work and weave a story around it, finally they write the story and submit both the art piece and the writing part. They are allowed to get help in writing from teachers, from the web (search for words & spellings), etc. They are constantly thinking about this activity and even during break times they are discussing each other's creations.

Artistic Challenge Flames


January Artistic Challenge - Trees

Artistic Challenge Trees


January Tree Challenge: "If I was to spotlight one entry, it'd be the album that +Ranganayaki Srinivas shared that contained images created by the young people at the Fountainhead school. Ranganayaki said that after watching some YouTube videos about how to draw trees, they created their art.

Apparently each piece had a story and description of the idea behind it, and the pieces were shared at school assembly. :) :)

You can see the album here:"


by Bruce Achterberg

Manager Artistic Waves

            Some Comments On Gokul Sai's Tree: