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We will be sharing Weekly reports through Google Docs.

Here is an introduction to Google Drive where you will be able to find the reports, Thursday Assignments, Project Work Assignments, etc.

Introduction to Google Drive

There will be four formative assessments and two summative assessments. The syllabus will be shared through Google Docs. There will be a formal written test for 20 marks in each formative assessment. The two summative assessments will be for 30 marks each.

The formative assessments will be used to identify the problem areas and the need for revision and reteaching. The summative assessments will evaluate the term end achievement. The first term syllabus will not be repeated in the second term.

The average marks of group discussions, quizzes, homework tasks, projects, etc. will be added to these formal tests to make a total of 100 marks. 10% value will be given to each formative assessment - total 40%. Two summative assessments - total 60%. 

In addition to this Children will be assessed for participation in all the activities throughout the year. These will include theme & value based activities, celebrations, field trips, show your skills activiites, etc.

 Subject Group Discussions / Conversations
 Quizzes & Oral Tests
 Homework Portfolio & Worksheets
 Assignments, Projects & Experiments
 FormalTests Once in two months
10 %