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Here are some of the great food items from different parts of our country.

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healthy food kids can make

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Here is a great site with vegetable stories, games and video sent by Dr. Manasa Musunuri from the USA. 

Dr. Manasa Musunuri had a Google Hangout with the children, told them a nice story and motivated them to eat healthy food.

Brush Your Teeth

Dear Parents,


Fussy eating is commonly seen in children below 10 years of age. Parents who want their children to eat well must be good role models of healthy eating. They create eating environments that are inviting and free of tension. Food should never used to reward, coerce, or be part of a power struggle between children and their parents.

Avoid Distractions:

Do not allow toys, books, television, or other distractions during meals or snacks.

Maintain a neutral attitude

Praise your child for his self-feeding skills:
Do not use food as a reward, for comfort, or as an expression of your affection towards your child. As it could lead to the child developing a preference for certain types of food only.

Recognize hunger & need to eat:

Help your child recognize hunger and eat accordingly
Schedule meals and snacks about 3 to 4 hours apart

Limit meal duration:

End meals after 20 to 30 minutes, even if the child has eaten very little or nothing of the food provided

Serve age-appropriate foods and portions:

Decide on serving size keeping in mind the age of the child
Allow the child to ask for additional helpings instead of serving everything at once.

Minimize misbehavior:

Discourage your child from playing with food and talking too much instead of eating
Teach your child to sit at the table until "Mommy’s and Daddy’s tummies are full"

Encourage independent feeding:

Children will be messy! Try to tolerate age-appropriate mess. After all it’s your child learning to be independent.

Involve the Children in Cooking

Let the children participate in your effort to prepare the best food for them. Get their help in preparing the food and allow them to watch how it is being cooked. This will make them want to eat during the process as well as after the food is prepared.