Day Care


Toddler Daycare:12-24 months

Toddler Training

We understand the toddlers who burst with enthusiasm and energy to check out everything around them. We have experience of handling toddlers who find it difficult to sit still even for a minute. We enjoy working with the toddlers and give them enough freedom to explore the environment in a safe surrounding.

We engage the toddlers in a number of activities to develop their faculties.

Motor Skill Development — walking, running, jogging, rolling, crawling, climbing, tossing, catching

Language Development — 
story time & rhyme time through multimedia presentations

Music and Movement — playing, dancing, singing, swaying, miming

Basic Concepts — getting to know the colours and shapes in the environment through feeling, sorting, picking and showing

Artistic Development
— participating in playful finger painting, art and craft activities

We use all possible means to provide the children with a real experience wherein they try to understand themselves, their surroundings and the people around them. We help them develop coordination skills and verbal skills through play activities. We provide them materials and tools to learn through age appropriate experiences and make sense of what they taste, touch, see, hear, smell and feel.

By visiting our school premises you will be able to get first hand experience of how we handle the infants and toddlers with love and affection.

Please visit our day care and get to know us better.

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