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Maths Week

posted Oct 14, 2011, 8:16 PM by Admin FHGS   [ updated Oct 21, 2011, 7:40 PM ]
Maths Week is going to be celebrated from October 17 to 21. Children will be exposed to Maths puzzles and have fun with numbers. They will also be watching number rhymes.

Math Tricks & Puzzles

1. I Can Tell Your Age

Tell your friend I can tell you how old you are. Do the following and tell me the answer: 

Step1: Multiply the first number of the age by 5. (If <10, ex 5, consider it as 05. If it is >100, ex: 102, then take 10 as the first digit, 2 as the second one.)

Step2: Add 3 to the result.

Step3: Double the answer.

Step4: Add the second digit of the number with the result.

Ask the friend to give you the number they get. You complete step 5 and say: your age.

Step5: Subtract 6 from it.

1. Two Equal Parts

You have three cans. One is a 10 litre can, the second one is a 7 litre can and the third one is a 3 litre can. The 10 litre can is filled with oil. Using only these three cans how can you divide the oil into two equal parts of 5 litres?